According to 2019 Human Development Reports by United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), 1.3 billion are multidimensionally poor. Almost half are from the Asia Pacific region.

Poverty leads to helplessness. It isn’t just a financial issue, but a social problem that needs a social solution to be solved. Billions of people have experienced poverty in their lifetime, and many don’t escape its grasp.

Donate to RDC Ramadan Charity Campaign for various sustainable cause:
* Education sponsorship for underprivileged students
* Building clean water wells
* Providing sanitation facilities
* Setting up a women social entrepreneurship centre
* Providing electricity to remote communities (Gift of Light)
* Establishing a Community Centre
* Setting up the An-Nur School Resource Centre

"The best of charity is given during the month of Ramadan"
Hadith narrated by Bukhari

Why Ramadan Charity

During this blessed month, both fasting and acts of charity are obligatory upon Muslim who are able to do so. Besides feeding the poor, do consider supporting one or more these highly rated charity projects to elevated the living standard of our fellow Muslim and communities in Asia Pacific region. 

Our Cause

We are focusing on seven particular areas: Economic-based Initiatives, Infrastructure Projects, Education and Training Projects, Community-based Projects, Women Empowerment Initiatives, Health and Wellbeing Initiatives as well as Community Engagement and Harmony Initiatives.

Be our partner in giving and helping others. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Help us to leave an impact on other people’s lives. Sometimes, all they need is a hand. Be that hand.

The Prophet PBUH said:

“Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire”

(Hadith, Tirmidhi)

Other ways to Donate

Bank transfer:

Maybank Islamic : 5505 1129 0135

Regional Development Community

Reference : Ramadan Charity

Sebarkan kepada rakan-rakan

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