Country Education Sharing Sessions:

  • Malaysia | Dr Kamaliah Noordin, Deputy Chairman IKRAM Education Committee
  • Thailand |

    Dr. Ibrahem NarongraksakhetLecturer, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

  • Singapore | Haniah Bte Abdul Hamid, Founder Cavenur Ed-Venture
  • Indonesia | Kyai Arief Setiawan, Chairman Pondok Pesanteran Assalam Arya Kemuning
  • Philippines | Mohammad Nhor Sawato, Committee Member RDCP Philippines
  • Timor Leste | Anwar Da Costa, Chairman An Nur Foundation
  • Hong Kong | Kassim Ma, Chairman Islamic Union of Hong Kong
  • Japan | Haroon Quraeshi, Secretary General Japan Islamic Trust
  • New Zealand | Regina Rasheed, Principal of Zayd College

In line with SDG 4 target (Quality Education), RDC inspires to build the capacity for education in the communities to improve the opportunities for equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality education. This includes pre-school, elementary/primary school, secondary school,
technical, vocational, and tertiary education to provide lifelong learning opportunities for children, youth and adults.

In many parts of the Asia Pacific region, there are students who are from the underprivileged families yearning to pursue their studies to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. In Muslim minority countries, the Muslim communities want to have Islamic education in their localities.

RDC has conducted an education survey with their collaborators in 30 Asia Pacific countries.
Based on the survey, 12 countries have responded and indicated that they needed an Islamic education for various stages, i.e., pre-school, elementary, secondary schools, and school for special needs. The 12 countries are: China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Philippines, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Japan & Singapore.

Several round table discussions had been conducted with these countries and four countries seek RDC’s assistance to open and/or improve their Islamic education in their countries.