About Us

A Sari-Sari Store is a small neighborhood retail shop that caters to members of the community. The store usually carries basic goods such as canned goods, instant noodles, coffee, soda, and other things that Filipinos get on a daily basis but can have litrerally anything commodity the community needs.

Sari-sari from the repeated word sari means mix, so you would see a lot of different items.


Sari-sari stores are typically owned and operated by a mother whose sole purpose for putting up the store is to augment their family income. Most sari-sari stores become a small family business, with other members of the family pitching in.

Why Support Oasis Sari-Sari?

Oasis Sari-Sari store aiming to promote awareness in making difference the life of vulnerable communities. The support of generous individual will “HELP, EMPOWER, BUILD AND DEVELOP” for sustainable economic growth.

Location of the Project

One of the locations of the project is at Purok Lacatan Lomlom Darong Sta. Cruz Davao Del Sur, Philippines.

The Project Cost

The average total cost per store for this project is RM4,000.00