Home for the Poor Overview

building a new house
repairing an existing house

In many parts of the Asia Pacific region, we have discovered that families of sometimes up to 8 or more people are living in houses that are very impoverished, without proper living quarters, clean water, and sanitation.

The Project Objectives

In the immediate term, RDC plans to embark on assisting marginalized communities under extreme poverty. This community is in a vicious cycle due to low-income, poor education background and marginalization.

a) The first step is to assist the community to have proper living conditions and future generations could improve their livelihood to grow further out of poverty.

b) A proper house consisting of 3 bedrooms with a family area, kitchen bathroom, with proper sanitation will be built for them.

c) Repairing an existing houses that are in poor condition. 

This project shall fulfil United Nation SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which are;

  1. No poverty. 

  2. Good health and wellbeing 

  3. Clean water and sanitation.

Location of the Project

Initially the project will be in Sabah. Certain parts of Sabah are still under conditions of extreme poverty. Numbers of houses to be constructed depending on availability of the funds. The following is the proposed construction schedule for 5 houses;

The Project Cost:

The budget includes material supply, workmanship, transportation, operation cost and management. In the initial stage, Regional Development Community Berhad (RDC) intends to build 10 new houses.

The cost for each house is estimated at RM60,000, with a total of RM600,000 to be raised.

The repair cost for each house is estimated at RM20,000

Project Progress

  • Initially, two families living at Kg Kayau and Kg Belatik, Papar in Sabah were identified and selected for the Home for The Poor (H4P) pilot project.
  • The constructed houses consist of 3 bedrooms with a family area, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet with all required facilities.
  • The construction of these two houses was completed at the end of February 2023.
  • Recently, the houses were handed over to the beneficiaries on 11th March 2023.