rdc humanitarian conference 2024

Humanitarian without borders



Advocacy for Humanitarian efforts across borders

To increase awareness on the necessity of humanitarian efforts across borders; highlighting the importance of international cooperation and coordination in addressing humanitarian crises, which often transcend national boundaries

Sharing of Best Practises and Innovations

To learn and build upon each other's best practises and successes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that humanitarian aid remains responsive to evolving needs.

Cross-Border Collaborations

To promote a cross-border collaborative spirit to maximize the reach and effectiveness of humanitarian initiatives, ultimately benefiting the communities they serve.

Addressing Regional Humanitarian Challenges

To identify challenges in providing regional humanitarian aid so as to assist NGOs in working towards more sustainable, community-driven, and impactful solutions to address these diverse challenges.

Flashback to RDC Humanitarian Conference 2023 : Empowering Humanitarian Efforts

The RDC Humanitarian Conference 2023 was a transformative event, featuring insights from distinguished experts like Kamarul Halim Sakrani (MyCARE), Hanan Hussain (MFCD Sri Lanka), and Jiyauddin Khan (Helping Heart Nepal). Attendees benefitted from invaluable knowledge and practical solutions to pressing humanitarian challenges through a dynamic round table discussion.
🌍 Join Us at RDC Humanitarian Conference 2024!
Be part of the continuous global effort to tackle humanitarian issues. Discover the latest strategies in humanitarian assistance, and uncover best practises to uplift living conditions in Muslim minority countries and other underserved areas. Your participation can significantly impact the fight against poverty and the relief of suffering caused by human actions and natural disasters.
🗓 Save the Date: 3 – 5 November 2024
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Let’s unite to build a more compassionate and resilient community. Act now and be the change you want to see!

Event Details



Welcoming Remarks by RDC Summit 2024 Chairman


Officiating Speech


Summit Main Conference

  • Video Montage
  • Photography Session


Keynote Address :

"Muslim Unity Foundation for Community Development"


Plenary 1 :

"A Glimpse into RDC Summit - Empowering Communities ; Building a Better Ummah"


Talk :

"Current State of the Ummah - Geopolitical, Economy and Ummah Unity"


Plenary 2 :

"Community Development Through Multiple Approaches"


End of Session



Welcoming Remarks by RDC Humanitarian Conference Chairman


Keynote Address :

"Empowering Local Humanitarian Workers : Bridging the Gap Across Border"


Talk :

"The Role of Digital Technologies in Enhancing Humanitarian Works and Cross-border Collaboration"


Panel Discussion 1 :

"Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices Among Humanitarian Organisations"


Panel Discussion 2 :

"How to Promote Cross-border Collaboration?"


Roundtable Discussion and Resolution :

"The Most Pressing Humanitarian Challenges in the Region and Brainstorming if Actionable Strategies"


End of Session

*Please note that the schedule above is only tentative and may be subject to change.

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