Empowering the Community Through Women's Mental Health Care


About RDC Women Empowerment Conference 2024

Initiatives like the RDC Women Empowerment Conference (RDC WEC) 2024 serve as a transformative platform, fostering dialogue, leadership and strategic engagement among women from across Asia Pacific countries.  Women in the region are increasingly recognized as leaders and agents of change, with the potential to improve productivity, enhance ecosystem conservation, and create more sustainable systems.  While progress remains slow, the strength, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit of women in Asia-Pacific is inspiring and has the potential to drive further advancements in women’s role in the community.

This year the focus for our RDC WEC in on mental health.  There is growing evidence that many women around the world are subjected to social and economic challenges that can put them at a greater risk for poor mental health. Mental health issues among women in the Asia Pacific region particularly are a significant concern, with various factors impacting their well-being.  Research has revealed that women worldwide are suffering three times more than men when it comes to mental health, with women in the Asia-Pacific (APC) region being especially affected as they encounter physical, behavioral, and mental health issues in different ways.  A study sponsored by the National Asian Women’s Health Organization found that conflicting cultural values, unrealistic standards, and stigma contribute to low self-esteem and fear of seeking help for mental health issues among the APC women.

Hence there is the need for targeted interventions and support systems to address the mental health needs of women in the Asia Pacific region, taking into account the cultural, social, and environmental factors that influence their well-being. It is critical to understand and help reduce the difficulties women are facing in their daily lives as they strive to balance family, community, and career obligations; comply with cultural expectations; find sanctuary from violence; and/or secure financial independence.  


Understanding Cultural Expectations on Mental Health

To examine the influence of cultural expectations on women’s mental health, including the stigma associated with seeking help and the pressure to balance family, community and career obligations.

Wellness and

To promote wellness, prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery and continuous care, as well as recognizing and improving mental health disparities and promoting equity in mental health care.

Building and

To create a community of women’s mental health advocates that furthers structural and systemic change in women’s mental health care.

Understanding Mental Illness and Related Treatment/Management

To empower women with understanding of mental health conditions and related therapies, thereby enabling the development of dedicated services to support their mental well-being.

Flashback to Women Empowerment Conference 2023 : A Journey of Empowerment

Last year’s Women Empowerment Conference (WEC 2023) was an incredible success, attended by over 70 participants from across the Asia Pacific. Inaugurated by Datuk Nor Azimah Abdul Aziz, CEO of the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Laman Rasmi), the event featured inspirational talks by local and international experts in digital entrepreneurship.

🌟Highlights from WEC 2023🌟

▫Insights from experts like Pn Anja Juliah Abu Bakar (Athena Empowers) and Dr Hen Kai Wah (Tunghai University Taiwan)
▫Practical sessions with leaders from Touch ‘n Go, Alzaky Foods, ARISE, and more

Your participation made last year unforgettable!

What’s in store for WEC 2024?

Theme: Empowering the Community through Women’s Mental Health Care

This year our focus is on women’s mental health as it is essential not just for individual wellbeing, but also of utmost importance for broader economic and social developments in the Asia Pacific region. Improving women’s mental health is crucial for their survival and resilience, and can boost their participation in the workforce.

Are you ready to dive deeper into mental health advocacy and community building? Join us for another transformative experience this November!

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Event Details



Welcoming Remarks by RDC Summit 2024 Chairman


Officiating Speech


Summit Main Conference

  • Video Montage
  • Photography Session


Keynote Address :

"Muslim Unity Foundation for Community Development"


Plenary 1 :

"A Glimpse into RDC Summit - Empowering Communities ; Building a Better Ummah"


Talk :

"Current State of the Ummah - Geopolitical, Economy and Ummah Unity"


Plenary 2 :

"Community Development Through Multiple Approaches"


End of Session



Welcoming Remarks by RDC Women Empowerment Conference Chairman


Keynote Address :

"Religion, Culture and Muslim Women Mental Health"


Talk 1 :

"Dealing with Stigma in Mental Health Issues"


Forum :

"Psychospiritual Approaches in Mental Health Therapy and Care"


Workshop :

Breathing / Relaxation Techniques


'Ted Talk' - Sharing by Country Representatives

Topic 1 :

"The Role of NGOs in Promoting Mental Health Among Muslim Families"

Topic 2 :

"Managing Disparities in Mental health Services for Women"


Talk 2 :

"Therapeutic Management of Mental Health Among Muslim Women : Recent Developments"




Closing Speech


Tea & Networking


End of Session

*Please note that the schedule above is only tentative and may be subject to change.

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