RDC Summit 2024

Business Convention | Women Empowerment Conference |
Humanitarian Conference | Youth Conference | Education Conference

Directly benefit communities of Asia Pacific

Collectively, we will have the capacity to create sustainable communities across the region. We believe in the principles of empowerment, inclusion, social justice, and collective action.

More than 30 countries across the Asia Pacific region will be attending the summit. Many of them are local partners and community leaders.

Economic capacity building is critical to ensure the vibrancy of the local economy within the community. Take this opportunity to network with participants across the region for market opportunities.

Exchanging experiences and challenges faced by local communities within the region will spark opportunities to develop and instill best practices.

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We're looking forward to seeing you

Join us in this international conference and gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and discover innovative solutions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity that would not only be beneficial to you, but to the communities around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for all 3 events is available here.

At the moment, only the Women Empowerment Conference (WEM) will be streaming live via Zoom. Please stay tuned on social media and email for updates.

For any inquiries, please contact:

RDC Hotline (+6011-6507 2900)

We are grateful to have wonderful organising partners to ensure the success of the conferences. They are Regional Development Community (RDC), IKRAM, MyCare, and MUBIN.

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