Bringing life to dark nights

Kampung Kuala Sumatalun, Pagalungan is a village located almost 250 kilometers from Keningau Town. The total population of Kg Kuala Sumatalun is more than 100 people where it is inhabited by 20 families. The majority of the residents are Muruts and 95% of them are Christians.

Uniquely, this village has a long house with 20 rooms inhabited by about 20 families. A few villagers build low-cost houses on the banks of the river. The main problem of Kg Kuala Sumatalun is the lack of electricity supply from SESB (Syarikat Elektrik Sabah Berhad) due to the distance of the village which is too far inland.
In this regard , Regional Development Community Berhad (RDC) takes the initiative creating a project to install a generator set (genset) to help illuminate the darkness of night in Kampung Sumatalun. RDC is looking forward to any institution to fund 8kW capacity electric generator and the wiring works.
Besides community in Kg Kuala Sumatalun, RDC intends to extend the project to other rural communities in district of Persiangan and sub-district in Pangalungan. In total, RDC plans 5 projects in immediate term.

The Project Objectives

Location of the Project

The location of the project is at Kampung Kuala Sumatulun in Pagalungan sub-district, Sabah.

The Project Cost

Cost for supply and installation of a generator set and wiring of a long house in Kampung Kuala Sumatalun is RM80,000.00 (Eighty Thousand Ringgit only). RDC intends to expand the project to other 5 remote villages. The total cost of the project is RM 400,000.00