About Us

Values that lead us



We believe in developing communities through collaborations with local leaders and stakeholders.


Realistic Solutions

We work on projects that provide real solutions that support the local communities.


Empowering Women

We believe by empowering and elevating the women, it would elevate the whole community.


Sustainable Goals

We fully support and adopt UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for better impact to the communities.

Creating sustainable communities

Regional Development Community Berhad (RDC) is a company limited by guarantee, registered on 11 Nov 2016 (Reg No. 1208691-V).

RDC is a Muslim based philanthropic organisation established with the aim of creating sustainable communities across the Asia Pacific region in a holistic approach grounded in principles of empowerment, inclusion, social justice, and collective action. We work together with identified collaborators from the community in these countries via community engagements, business ventures and development projects that are in line with some of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Management Team

Nicholas Sylvester
IR Wan Ahmad Nizar
Senior Management
Country Coordinators
  • Afghanistan

    Shamsul Maarif Ismail

  • Bangladesh

    Dr. Jamalul Lail Ab Manan

  • Bhutan

    Zulkepli Saad

  • India

    Zainal Abidin Abdullah

  • Maldives

    Megat Mohamed Amin

  • Myanmar

    Prof Dr Borhanuddin Mohd Ali

  • Nepal

    Mahmud Ibrahim

  • Pakistan

    Datuk Dr Zaifuddin Md Rasip

  • Sri Lanka

    Megat Mohamed Amin

  • Cambodia

    Wan Mohd Yusof Wan Ismail

  • Laos

    Aizuddin Nuruddin

  • Thailand

    Mohd Zuhairi Mat Yusoff

  • Vietnam

    Abdul Hafidz Hashim

  • China

    Dr Salina Affandi

  • Hong Kong & Macao

    BG Zubir Mohamed

  • Japan

    Rosdin Anang

  • Mongolia

    Dr Ahmad Asmadi
    Dr Fatimah Mustafah

  • South Korea

    Dr Wan Abd Rahman Jauhari

  • Taiwan

    Prof Dr Mohamed Rehan

  • Brunei

    Abd Ghaffar Muhamad Sharif

  • Singapore

    Ahmad Sodikin Kasimin

  • Indonesia

    Kasim Ali

  • Philippines

    Abd Rahman Kassim

  • Fiji & New Zealand

    Muhammad Fakharuddin Kudos

Strategic Partners

Here are some of our strategic partners and collaborators