Project Background

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1. In November 2014, Madrasah Darussalam (MDS) was officially established and has been operating as a registered institution under the Vietnamese government to teach Islamic lessons.

2. This madrasah became a centre for learning for Muslim children in Vietnam. Madrasah Darussalam is the only recognized Islamic education institution by the Vietnamese government as a place to study Islam. Thus, most of the Muslim children in Vietnam are concentrated in Madrasah Darussalam, Tay Ninh, Vietnam to study.


3. Currently, Madrasah Darussalam is operating at Masjid Nourul Ehsan. With the limited spaces in the masjid, the same area are used for dining, learning sessions and bedding.

4. For the current session,  there are about 184 students which consists of 120 male students and 64 female students with 10 teachers.

5. The intake of students has also been halted because its no longer can accommodate more than the existing number of students despite the huge demand for admission from the Vietnamese Muslim community. 

Project Location

The project will be implemented at Madrasah Darussalam, Tay Ninh, Vietnam. 

Project Cost

The total construction cost for the Madrasah complex is estimated at RM2.1 million. 

Building Construction Progress

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  • Through the collection of donations from various parties including myCare, a plot of land was purchased and the construction of a permanent Madrasah Darussalam building has started with the estimated cost of RM2.1 million.
  • To date, all the structural works of the complex has been completed. Architectural/finishes works, mechanical and electrical works are still in progress
  • All the building works are planned to be completed and to be occupied in May 2023.