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Creating opportunities for women

RDC aspires to build the capacity for women entrepreneurship  in the communities in line with SDG  targets to empower women and girls across all its programmes and advocacy.  In many parts of the Asia Pacific region, although there are more women than ever in the labour market, there are still large inequalities in some regions, with women systematically denied the same work rights as men.

The Project Objectives

RDC plans to embark on raising  funds to establish an all female Muslim entrepreneurship social enterprise in Nueva Ecija, Manila.  Tahiyyat Clothing Co, which focuses on producing muslimah clothings for adults and children, will be able to provide job opportunities to new female muslim reverts and enable them to be economically independant.

Location of the Project

Barangay Bayanihan, Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

The Project Cost

Budget includes costs of equipments, rental, utilities, material supply, workmanship, operation and management costs. The project which will be implemented in 4 phases over a period of 3 years. The first phase is estimated to cost about RM 50,000.00