Education Sponsorship

Educational Sponsorship For Underprivileged

Globally, many underpriviliged families could not afford sending their children to pursue studies at the higher educational institution. Some tried but failed to complete due to shortage of funds to meet with the high cost of educations. Some had to depend on part-time jobs to barely meet the high cost they had to pay monthly or per semester. Often under such situation, the part-time jobs that they had to engage caused tiredness and strain on the students to the extent that it seriously affected their study performance. 

The Project Objectives

In line with SDG 4 targets, RDC inspires to build the capacity for higher education in the communities to improve the opportunities for equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality education. This includes technical, vocational and tertiary education to provide lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults. In many parts of the Asia Pacific region, there are students who are from the underprivileged families yearning to pursue their studies to improve their lives and the lives of the others around them.

Location Of The Project

Learning institutes in Malaysia.  

The Project Cost

The total cost for the project is estimated at RM374,500