Our Projects

RDC have partnered with various community leaders and organisations. in the Asia Pacific. Here is a list of some of our projects and collaborations.

Education and Training Projects

Madrasah Darussalam
(Tay Ninh, Vietnam )

Madrasah Darussalam serves as a center for learning for Muslim children in Vietnam, and is the only recognized Islamic education institution by the Vietnamese government. Despite the high demand for admission from the Vietnamese Muslim community, the institution is unable to accomodate more students due to limited space  

Location: Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Cost: RM2,100,000

Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

Clean Water Project
(Khost Province, Afghanistan)

Together with our local partner, Humanitarian Assistance Society (HAS), this initiative is to provide clean water to communities in Khost, Afghanistan. The initial stages are to create a feasibility study, identify communities, and raise funds.

Location: Khost, Afghanistan
Cost: RM120,000 (USD27,260)

Economic-Based Initiatives

Home For The Poor

Sabah is Malaysia’s poorest state, where many face inadequate living conditions, poor sanitation, and limited clean water access, resulting in poor health and malnutrition. RDC collaborates with local community leaders to construct, renovate and repair homes equip with proper sanitation for families.

Location: Beluran and Pensiangan (Sabah)
Cost: RM60,000 (house) / RM20,000 (repair)

Education and Training Projects

Education Sponsorship

In line with SDG 4 targets, RDC inspires to build the capacity for higher education in the communities to improve the opportunities for equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality education. This project will enable students from respective countries to pursue tertiary education. Become future role model for the communities.

Location: Learning institutes in Malaysia
Cost: RM374,500

Education and Training Projects

An-Nur Resource Center

RDC intends to assist the An-Nur Foundation in setting up a library cum resource center to equip the students with better learning facilities. This project shall fulfill United Nation SDG No 4, which is providing Quality Education. This initiative will enable the community to grow their knowledge and learning. 

Location: An-Nur School, Dili, TImor Leste
Cost: RM376,000

Economic Based Initiatives

Oasis Sari-Sari Store

Our objectives is to provide financial assistance to 10 identified beneficiaries in Davao, Mindanao to start-up and operate Sari-Sari stores, to institute to the project a social enterprise mechanism; where beneficiaries allocate a percentage of revenue/profit for the establishment of a special fund. 

Location: Purok Lacatan Lomlom Darong Sta. Cruz Davao Del Sur, Philippines
Cost: RM96,000

Health and Well-Being Initiatives

Health Awareness and Medical Aids for Women

RDC intends to assist the community of Central Mosque, Khovd City, Mongolia by providing health screening and focusing on women’s health education. This project will improve the health awareness of the population. The Central Mosque estimates that about 3,000 people will benefit from this program. 

Location: Khovd City, Mongolia
Cost: RM185,000

Infrastructure Projects

Clean Water and Healthy Sanitation

Provide drinking water for the community through communal treated water supply as well as to construct deep water wells in several identified areas. This project shall fulfill United Nation SDG No. 6, which is providing clean water and sanitation. This initiative helps the community to enable healthy livings. 

Location: Remote areas in Cambodia and Philippines 
Cost: RM200,000

Community Based Projects

Katambayayong Community Centre

Katambayayong Center For Change (KCC) is an exceptional centre that focuses on the lives of young adults who are surrounded with gang violence, extreme poverty, and mental health issues. 

Location: Cebu City and Toledo City(Philippines) 
Cost: RM520,800